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Surface Has a Vision

Your Favourite Organic Products With a Purpose

Our newest line of styling products is more than just an effective, organic choice; it's an ethical one! Surface is a proud sponsor of a charity organization called World Vision. Their area of expertise is reaching out to impoverished families in the most remote locations, going straight to the heart of creating sustainable communities by providing for the needs of children, and offering parents opportunities to gain skill sets.

In Cambodia, they have a presence in the form of Child

Protection Committees, where they attempt to lower (and eventually eradicate) the rates of child labor and exploitation. In Guatemala, they're

fighting to provide medical treatment for nutrient deprived children, and shield them from the violence of the cartels running those territories. They even have a presence providing food

and shelter for as many families as possible in Kenya, where nearly 70% of the population lives near or under the poverty line. Due to recent

droughts and natural disasters, about 3

million Kenyans are in direct need of food and shelter, and where World Vision sees a need, they jump into action.

When you purchase a fabulous Surface hair care product here at Generations, 10% of the proceeds go to providing a sustainable living scenario for families in need. We are more than proud to stand in solidarity with these incredible organizations, and do our part in making an impact on the lives of communities all over the world.

For more information on World Vision, you can visit their website by clicking the link below!


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