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We're an Organic Salon- But Why Does it Matter?

In the world of fashion and fancy, a day rarely passes without "the next big thing" sweeping through our industry, catching in an instant, and going out the door in a matter of seconds. However, the importance of sticking to an organic body-care regimen is absolutely nothing like that! It's firmly grounded in the world's leading scientific research on the effects of those mucky, fabricated chemicals on the human body; and without too much surprise, the evidence seems to point toward the idea that Mother Earth has already provided all the nutrients for us to live a healthy, happy life.

The YIKES Factor:

According to the American Cancer Society , even though rates of cancer in men have been decreasing since 2008, ladies have maintained a steady rate of development with

cancers of the liver, breast, and pancreas (just to name a few) in the last decade [1]. This has encouraged authorities to investigate any possible link- including several reputable studies showing that the ingredients in beauty products may possess a greater detrimental effect than originally perceived. It makes the "uh-oh" even bigger when we factor in that, on average, women apply up to 16 beauty products a day[2]!

Nneka Leiba, the director of Healthy Living Science at the Environmental Working Group, has been monitoring chemicals in cosmetics for more than ten years. She expresses that known and suspected carcinogens like [3] formaldehyde (that may be found in certain professional keratin hair treatments, common body soap and nail polish), and coal tar (which may be found in some hair dyes and shampoo) are the most distressing in modern beauty products; and have direct links to several types of cancer. She also references that heavy metals like lead (trace amounts of which are found in certain lipsticks and clay-based products), and overtly listed chemicals like phthalates and parabens (which impact the endocrine system), have a severe and negative effect on the human body, especially with long term use.[4]

You're Safe With Us

Here at Generations, we love both our clients and our staff! By using only the highest level quality product, we are able to protect both our families, and yours, from the very real, negative effects of carcinogenic chemicals. Our brands are Certified Organic, and our designers come highly educated, with styling tips and hands-on lessons about product application. Not only do we promise a five star experience, but a safe one.


We truly hope that this article has encouraged you! Please feel free to comment below with your thoughts. Thank you!


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